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After years in construction during my youth, I switched to building cabinets and furniture and spent almost 30 years building projects for hundreds of customers. I had good woodworking skills but limited business acumen so I made mistakes. You can avoid all those mistakes and begin making a profit promptly using all the the years of lessons in "Woodworking Business: Start Quickly And Operate Successfully."

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In addition to sixteen informative chapters, you will find an Introduction, Glossary, and an Index to help you use the book as a reference over the long term.

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I wrote “Woodworking Business: Start Quickly And Operate Successfully,” specifically to help woodworkers like you to start and operate financially successful woodworking businesses. Toward that end I also welcome questions and comments by email at Please don’t hesitate to contact me. To help increase profits in a woodworking business it helps to use simplified methods that save time and my book will help you do that effectively. There is no obligation to purchase anything. I hope you find it valuable and I look forward to hearing from you.

Hand Tools - Even though power tools are a critical part of the woodworking business, hand tools are still important and this chapter helps to make certain you have the hand tools needed for the business.

Shop Space Or On Site - Having a nice size, well organized shop is important to a woodworking business but it is possible to work on site. This chapter explores shop organization and the pros and cons of working without a shop.

Licensing, Accounting, And Taxes - Adhering to community standards is important to running a woodworking business. This chapter helps you determine the rules and regulations in your community and how to handle them to reflect your professionalism.

Getting Started - The first steps are critical to the long term financial success of your woodworking business. This chapter describes all the steps to take to get started and operate professionally and successfully.

Setting Prices - Success depends largely upon charging the correct prices for your work. It’s a balance between charging as much as possible without pricing yourself out of the market. This chapter gives you methods to calculate accurate prices for every job and ways to check your prices to ensure accuracy and profitability.

Contracting Jobs - The right prices are important but it’s critical to contract legally to make certain you collect for the work. This chapter describes how to contract for the work and furnishes ready to use forms. It also describes ways to make certain that you collect in full for every job. It does little good to charge the correct price without having a good collection policy.

Getting Help - Sometimes you just can’t do it alone and help is needed. This chapter helps you find ways to get help without violating federal laws and creating tax problems for yourself.

Simplifying While Maintaining Quality - Traditional woodworking methods are fine but if you choose to make things faster this chapter describes some simplified methods that could reduce the time spent on jobs and increasing profit.

Simplifying While Maintaining Quality - Traditional woodworking methods are fine but if you choose to make things faster this chapter describes some simplified methods that could reduce the time spent on jobs and increasing profit.

Safety - Power tools are dangerous and capable of causing serious injury. Staying safe while performing your work is critically important and this chapter covers the importance of safety and ways to avoid injuries.

The Order Of Things - There are ways to do things that will not only help you save time but keep you safe. Doing things in an efficient and effective order will help you to please customers and increase profits. This chapter describes various ways to keep your work progressing and profitable.

Everyday Lessons - This chapter includes many lessons based on specific examples that will help you to learn how to get customers and satisfy them so they become good references that continue to refer you to others for years.

Final Notes From Bill - This chapter includes valuable advice from personal experience that will contribute to your financial success. These are notes that are certain to help you increase profits.

“Woodworking Business: Start Quickly and Operate Successfully is a must read with practical tips on every aspect of the woodworking trade. I would recommend this book to anyone in the woodworking profession. The insight within this book will do wonders for your business. It is one of the few books I have read more than once. This book is a remarkable tool that not only helped me in the beginning; it serves as a reference that I can look back on when I have questions about my business.”

Chris Looney, Hardwood Technology

“I would like to thank you for your latest book
Woodworking Business : Start Quickly and Operate Successfully. It has been of immense value to me while I start up my own woodworking business. I soon discovered that it is an entire business plan and that alone has saved me hundreds of hours of writing and research. I particularly liked your simplified woodworking chapter which I intend to adopt to improve my profitability. Thank you again.”

Neil Rogers, Neil Rogers Woodcraft


Review by The Midwest Book Review – 6/6/10

“In just 192 pages, A. William Benitez takes the reader through a comprehensive do-it-yourself course on transforming woodworking from a creative and practical hobby to a flourishing and successful business enterprise. Thoroughly ‘user friendly’, “Woodworking Business: Start Quickly and Operate Successfully; An Expert Woodworker Reveals The Keys To Succeeding In The Woodworking Business” covers every aspect of becoming a woodworking entrepreneur beginning with meeting local business regulations; calculating project costs; contracts and forms; recruiting customers (especially with a shoe-string marketing budget); utilizing a web site as a 24-hour showroom; dealing with the IRS; accounting and taxes; and building up a ‘brand name’ recognition for your work and your company. Practical, superbly organized and presented, “Woodworking Business” should be considered mandatory reading for anyone seeking to establish their woodworking pastime into a full-fledge and profitable business.”

Micah Andrew, Reviewer

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My book, Woodworking Business: Start Quickly And Operate Successfully is based entirely on woodworking and business methods proven to work over 25 years that you can use to make your woodworking business a financial success. No theory, every page filled with information about first-hand experiences you can use to avoid making common business mistakes. You can count on this detailed how-to information to help you succeed in the woodworking business.

Inventory of your tools - It takes a sizable collection of tools to run a woodworking business but you may already have everything needed to get started. This chapter helps you determine what tools you really need and how to make the best possible use of the tools you already have.

Should you start a small business? This is an important question that you will want to answer honestly before getting  started in a woodwork business or any other kind of business.

Inventory of your skills - The work you will be doing is dependent on the kinds and extent of your skills. This chapter helps you explore your skills and determine those best suited to getting started in the woodworking business and how to improve and increase your skills for additional profit.

Ripping and Crosscutting Power Saws - Using sheet goods to built cabinets requires ripping and crosscutting tools and/or jigs. This chapter helps you with ways to handle all your cutting efficiently while avoiding investment in excessively costly industrial tools.

This isn’t the only way to operate a woodworking business successfully and it may not even be the best way. However, you will get complete details on what worked for me for over 25 years and it can also work for you.

Naturally, no one can guarantee your success and anyone who does is not being honest. Success depends on many things with first-hand knowledge of methods that worked for others being at the top of the list. Woodworking Business: Start Quickly And Operate Successfully can help anyone with good woodworking skills to succeed in the business. If you don’t already have those skills, that should be the first step before your jump in.

Woodworking Business: Start Quickly And Operate Successfully is loaded with comprehensive, easy to understand and use information. Check out the topics below:

Woodworking Business

Woodworking Business: Start Quickly And Operate Successfully

Woodworking Business

A. William Benitez

All the knowledge needed to succeed financially

You can own and operate a financially successful one-person woodworking business using good woodworking skills and some business acumen. The woodworking skills will ensure that prospects will love you work and and select you to build their project. Business acumen will ensure that you make money on every job so it will be a long term success. That doesn’t mean just making a fair hourly wage, even though that is important. More important to the financial success of even a small business is a good profit on every job so it continues to grow and provide the income to maintain life and health insurance, saving for the future, and taking much needed vacations every year. That requires managing your woodworking skills with sound business practices and ensuring that customers return and send you referrals.